But Success Came At A Heavy Cost, With The Border Closure Separating Loved Ones And The Risk-averse Approach Becoming Increasingly Futile — And Economically Damaging — As Delta Variant Outbreaks Emerged And Vaccination Rates Climbed.


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Daylight Savings Time begins the second Sunday in March ends the first Sunday in November. Chirping that continues after the battery has been replaced means the alarm is at the end of its life and the unit must be replaced. Crane said smoke alarms should be replaced at least every 10 years. Residents should also make sure smoke and CO alarms meet the needs of all their family members, including those with sensory or physical disabilities. Crane noted they’ve installed smoke alarms for people deaf or hard of hearing that shake the bed in warning. Additionally, Crane reminded folks to have an exit plan in case of emergency. “Make sure everyone in the home knows how to get out, at least two ways, and have a meeting place outside,” he said. For more general information about Fire Prevention Week and fire prevention in general, visit nfpa.org . With colder weather approaching, Grogan reminded residents to be mindful of any auxiliary heating appliances, such as space heaters, making sure they have enough room around them.


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Individual states and territories will also need to hit 80 percent before dropping travel curbs, with some on track to get there this month. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Oct. 1 announced an 18-month ban on Australians traveling abroad will be lifted from next month. (Reuters) The pivot is significant for a nation that long prided itself on keeping coronavirus deaths low and infections near zero, allowing its diverse population to live near-normally while the pandemic ravaged the world. But success came at a heavy cost, with the border closure separating loved ones and the risk-averse approach becoming increasingly futile — and economically damaging — as delta variant outbreaks emerged and vaccination rates climbed. ‘Covid hit us like a cyclone’: An Aboriginal town in the Australian Outback is overwhelmed Caps on the number of returning Australians who are vaccinated will be lifted but will remain for the unvaccinated, Morrison said. And vaccinated Australians returning from abroad will no longer need to spend two weeks in hotel quarantine but can instead isolate at home for seven days. Two states have begun home quarantine trials. Morrison acknowledged that people had “suffered” because of the restrictions, which include obtaining permission to leave the country.

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